Hear from our college mentors about the impact of our SWITCH Adventure program and join our journey!

Our mission is to create cultures of influence to navigate lives with courage, confidence, and purpose.

We achieve this through research, mentoring, and leadership experiences. 

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Learn more about our team dedicated to changing lives of youth in our communities.

Our Values

We build diverse teams

We communicate authentically

We respectfully value each other

We celebrate learning from failure

We choose courage over comfort

We live lives of influence

Our "SWITCH Adventure" program has been created and piloted by college leaders.  We develop leadership and mentoring skills in college students so they can influence and equip 7th-9th grade students with critical social and emotional skills to live purposeful lives. 

Jackie Foster was one of our first three mentors, and led a team to create an assembly for 750 teens titled: SOLE Talk: Cyberbullying Virus. She also generously gave her time to share her story, which is now empowering thousands of teens to “take the high road” in response to negativity. Recently, Jackie was a finalist on the show, “The Voice”, using her passion to influence others. Jackie walks her talk, a true role model to our youth.


SOLE Effects worked with focus groups for several years to ensure our SWITCH Adventure program is engaging, meaningful, and effective. The work of these groups set the foundation for our experienced professionals to guide college leaders to begin creating and piloting our curriculum. SOLE Effects continues to update the curriculum based on feedback from college interns implementing the SWITCH Adventure, ensuring relevancy and to keep our program top-notch!